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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Date and Time: 07/13/15 at approximately 2230 hrs
Location: N/B Rt. 113 @ Woodside, Worcester County , MD
Suspect: Isaiah Ronnell Quamere Bowden, B/M DOB 04/06/1995

On 7/13/15 at approximately 2215 hours, TFC Corron and STR Orndorff responded to N/B US Rt. 113 in the area of Woodside Ln., Snow Hill, Worcester County for an individual waving down vehicles from the shoulder of the roadway.

The subject was identified as Isaiah Ronnell Quamere Bowden. Bowden stated he was trying to get to Dover, DE. Bowden reached into his left pants pocket multiple times after being told not to do so. On the third time, Bowden reached into his pocket and stated that he had a handgun. TFC Corron and STR Orndorff were able to secure Bowden's hands, and take him into custody without incident. A loaded Titan .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun serial# 191258 was located inside of Bowden's left front pants pocket. The handgun was loaded with four .25 caliber rounds.

The Maryland Gun Center was contacted. A check of the handgun revealed that it was not stolen and not registered. Bowden does not have a handgun permit in Maryland and was found to be prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a previous sex offense in Delaware.

Bowden was charged with handgun on person, illegally possessing ammunition, possession of a firearm by a minor and illegal possession of a regulated firearm.

Bowden was transported to the Ocean City Commissioner's Office.


Anonymous said...

10 year minimum, right O'Malley? Oh wait, he possessed it illegally... 1 year max.

Anonymous said...

Underage, a sex offender, carrying a loaded illegal handgun. Poster boy for the #blacklivesmatter fools.

Anonymous said...

Come off the black lives matter. Focus on the real issues. Not what the government wants. Damn your such a sheep. The fact is he will be released with little to no bond. We need to start getting back to what's wrong with our local problems.

Anonymous said...

Get off black lives matter, Why??? The point you made so rudely is the same one . Get a grip Biff not too mention an anger management class..

Anonymous said...

STR Orndorff

What is an STR??

Anonymous said...

If he's headed to Dover they better give it back to him.