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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Congressman Andy Harris’ Statement on Iran Deal

WASHINGTON, DC: Today, Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) released the following statement in response to President Obama reaching a deal with Iran and ending current economic sanctions.

“This deal will immediately harm the national security of our allies in the Middle East and eventually threaten the United States at home.

“While President Obama is trying to assure us that Iran will halt its creation of nuclear weapons, I find it hard to believe that a nation that has repeatedly delayed and deceived the international community by continuing to pursue nuclear weapons is now going to play by the rules. How are we supposed to trust the very people who have continued to advocate for the death of Americans and the ultimate destruction of Israel?

“Lifting sanctions only gives more power to a country that has a proven record of state-sponsored terrorism, religious extremism and human rights abuses, and which poses a grave danger both to the United States and our allies overseas.
“Congress will work diligently to review every piece of this deal to ensure the United States’ best interests are represented and that the concerns of the freedom-loving people of Israel are taken into account, and I hope Congress will reject the deal if not. At this point, I have no faith that Iran will hold up their end of the deal.”


Anonymous said...

Where is his statement on the Confederate Flag??

Anonymous said...

Quit talking bout it and do something! We the people can't. Mr Harris, we elected politicians like yourself to be our voice.

Anonymous said...

2:32 -- Andy is not a race baiter like Hillary and Bammy.

2:38 -- WTF do you think he's doing by speaking about this outrage ASAP?

Anonymous said...

Well people if the Congress doesn't vOTE against this deal. We ALL know who not to vote for period! !!! We all know the 3 stooges will vote for it because they LOVE OBAMA.

lmclain said...

Your friend's neighbor has been threatening to kill him and his family for years. Makes video's. Says it in major policy speeches.
Believes it's his MISSION to kill your friend.
You stop by the neighbors house and drop off an AR-15 and a box of ammo, but it's okay because the guy says he promises not to kill your friend.
You fall for that.
Obama did, too. Only a WHOLE LOT of "friends" are going to die. Anyone who doesn't think Iran will nuke Israel at the first chance is
uninformed and clueless.
Especially since the whole world has seen them play us like a hand of cards. They have NEVER honored any "promise", but obama believes THIS TIME, we got "em.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Obama clueless and naïve.

Anonymous said...

Israel will bomb the hell out of them long before they do it to them. They don't care what Obama says.

Anonymous said...

Then let them do it. Better than our men's blood being shed. You don't give a crap about Israel, I would venture to say you hate Jews. Your opposition to this is because Obama negotiated it. If it was a white Republican president who negotiated the treaty, you would all be in the streets celebrating.
Israel has over 100 nuclear weapons and does not allow any agency to inspect. Let them fight their own wars and suffer the consequence.

In any case you won't defeat it because you can't get 2/3 vote to override a veto. So live with it and move onto your next trumped up cause.