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Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Snow Hill Volunteer, Mr Bill Williams passed away this morning

A Snow Hill Volunteer, Mr Bill Williams passed away this morning. Mr Bill was very dedicated to the company. He joined the Department on Dec 2 1952. He completed both Fire and EMS training at college park starting in 1954. He was very active on both FIRE and EMS sides.

After completing the training for himself, Mr Bill was an "advanced first aid instructor" and taught a lot of people in Worcester County starting in 1960. Mr Bill was the first Rescue Squad Captain (now days known as EMS Captain) for the company. He would answer 911 calls from his house via phone which his wife would monitor.

Mr Bill was elected to Chief Engineer the first time in June 1970. He sat on a committee to buy a 1971 Maxim and a 1992 E-ONE engine which is pictured below. People loved when Mr Bill was there to engineer because you could always count on him to get you water and always have water.

After all his hard work and training, Mr Bill was the first member for SHVFC to be awarded the 50 year "ACTIVE" service award.

Lots of people would joke with Mr Bill because of his fast response time to the station no matter what time a day it was. You could count on Mr Bill to be there when needed.

We thank you Mr Bill for your service to Snow Hill and surrounding areas! We also would like to thank your family for understanding and letting you be so dedicated.

We got it from here Chief!

Trey Heiser
Chief 450

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Anonymous said...

Rest easy Sir/Brother. Your work on earth is done.