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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Teacher suspended for jamming students' cellphones

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. -- A Florida science teacher has been suspended for running a signal jammer to prevent his students from using their cellphones in class.

School board members in Pasco County approved Dean Liptak's five-day, unpaid suspension on Tuesday. Liptak didn't contest the decision.

Officials say Liptak activated the jammer in his Fivay High School classroom from March 31 through April 2.

He later told a school district investigator that he never intended to cause problems. He said he thought the jammers were allowed as long as they were not intended for malicious purposes.



Anonymous said...

Phones are used all day long teachers have given up on getting them to put them away. Your little darling are not little darling at school when you tell them to put them away. Take the phone away just because you say so there response is 10 time worse at school. Now let talk about you parents if they are calling you they are using the phone during the school day how many times I have heard but mom in the halls. It will show in college they will be phone stupid for all the information they are missing in school.

Anonymous said...

I will laugh my ass off when China jams every cell phone and communication device in North America.Withdrawal will set in & everyone will be aimlessly wandering around in a stupor.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need a phone in school? Ask your mommy what's for dinner or clean clothes?

Anonymous said...

So you need a written pass to use the bathroom but you can communicate with anyone in the world?

Anonymous said...

Good for the teacher. The kids should be in school to learn not talk on their cell phones. If there is an emergency, that's what the school office is for. Call the school, and the principle, vice-principle, or secretary can contact the classroom to get the kid.

These kids can't think without electronic help. Try doing math with a pencil, a slide rule instead of a computer. Try actually reading a book and writing a paper on what you read instead of dummy notes or looking the subject up on the phone.

Most kids today just can't function without a hand-held crutch (in the form of phone or computer).