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Thursday, June 04, 2015

How Dozens Of Explosives And Weapons Made It Through TSA Checkpoints In 95% Of Undercover Airport Tests

The next time you travel and wonder, “Is all this security really necessary?” try not to fixate on the fact that the security measures keeping bombs off of your plane are, apparently, mainly for show. The Daily Mail reports that the TSA missed a whopping 95% of explosives and other dangerous materials when conducting an internal investigation.

An internal investigation by the Transportation Security Administration found that 95 per cent of those testing airport checkpoints were able to bring weapons through the system.

Members of Department of Homeland Security Red teams were able to bring dozens of banned weapons and mock explosives past TSA agents, who failed 67 out of 70 tests.

Undercover officials posed as passengers with different kinds of weapons, and repeatedly beat the measures aimed at keeping real flyers safe during trials that recently ended.

Unnamed officials spoken to by ABC News admitted that the results were disappointing.

In one test a man with a fake bomb strapped to his back set off a metal detector, but was allowed to go on to the plane boarding area after a pat-down didn’t find the device.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was ‘frustrated’ by the findings and issued immediate changes.



Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Homeland security, with more or less unlimited funds, can flounder like this. If you fly internationally you will see that places like HHeathrow and Shonenfeld have much tighter security in place. Perhaps we need to take more of the human factor out of the equation.

Anonymous said...

It obviously is not necessary, it continues to fail! Even with all of the checkpoints, and personal, weapons got thru, but no planes went down, so they are not needed.

Anonymous said...

The TSA is just another government program to employ minorities, ever noticed who they have working there?

Anonymous said...

Obama wants failure at the airports.

Anonymous said...

But they cry foul about letting the NSA wire tap expiration take place. They can't even stop people that are purposely smuggling contraband aboard planes left and right.

Anonymous said...

Most of them can't even speak clearly to direct you into the naked scanner thingy. Some kind of Ebonics or other gibberish.