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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Ann Arundel County students allowed to use cellphones in school

Anne Arundel County students just got the green light to bring their cellphones to school and use them in class.

The county's board of education approved a revised technology policy Wednesday. Teachers and students will get more freedom use cellphones and other devices in class for learning.

The previous technology policy was on the books since the early 1990s.

"Our policy was very outdated. We were living in a policy age where we weren't allowing cellphones at all, and technically we were supposed to take them from students and bag them and tag them, and those kinds of things. That's not the reality of 2015," school spokesman Bob Mosier said.



Anonymous said...

Bennett is doing this By permission from parents. We didnt agree..from what i hear its not working. it's too much of a distraction in class. unless its the focus of the instruction

Anonymous said...

They are on them all the time at wi hi

Unknown said...

It's about time. We all have them; proper use should be on the agenda. Get with the times! Denial does not work.

Anonymous said...

just another way to dumb down our kids. its a huge distraction and anyone who thinks they should be allowed in school is in denial of reality.

Anonymous said...

No, denial does not work. Denying that the cell phone use of many children and adults is an obsessive and compulsive behavior will only make matters worse. Almost drug-like. Many of the teachers are phone addicts themselves and thus support more cellphone use... There is no control of the student behavior now so how can any proper use even be expected? Another reason to send your kids to private schools.

Anonymous said...

@Gary Bullard No they do not all have them! I for one REFUSE to give my child a cell phone! He does not need one! Guess what he is a Honor Student as well who is actually involved in his community!