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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Chart: The most liberal and conservative jobs in America

You can probably guess that environmentalists and yoga instructors are more likely to be Democrats -- and oil workers to be Republicans. But what about flight attendants, talk show hosts, and neurosurgeons?

Verdant Labs, which makes a baby names app, recently published an extensive chart on the average political affiliations of various professions. To create the graphic, the company aggregated data from the Federal Election Commission on contributions to political parties, and used that information as a proxy for political views.

As the graphic below shows, midwives, taxi drivers, flight attendants, park rangers, pediatricians and architects are all more likely to lean to the left than the right. In contrast, business owners, talk show hosts, beer wholesalers, surgeons and Catholic priests are more likely to be conservative.



Anonymous said...

What I don't see on the charts are people I work with in my job such as chemists, engineers, pharmacists and biologists. Highly educated and at least at our company, mostly Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I had to go search for one also. Click on the more button here and go to the Washington Post page. In the second paragraph click on VERDANT LABS and scroll towards the bottom of that page. I saw engineers and science listed there.

Anonymous said...

6:02. Thanks. Found the data and confirms my experiences at least in my workplace.

Anonymous said...

Catholic priests are more likely to be compliment to conservatives.