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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

JUST IN: IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000

WASHINGTON (AP) — Thieves used an online service provided by the IRS to gain access to information from more than 100,000 taxpayers, the agency said Tuesday.

The information included tax returns and other tax information on file with the IRS.

The IRS said the thieves accessed a system called “Get Transcript.” In order to access the information, the thieves cleared a security screen that required knowledge about the taxpayer, including Social Security number, date of birth, tax filing status and street address.

“The IRS notes this issue does not involve its main computer system that handles tax filing submission; that system remains secure,” the agency said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

SO... what are they actually good for? Just another, among the MANY (ALL), inept agencies of the government.

Anonymous said...

This hacking seems more of a threat to us citizens than all these assumed terror attacks because this is actually happening to us.

Anonymous said...

Its the NSA dummies.

Anonymous said...

More thieves in the IRS.

Anonymous said...

So what are they doing about protecting our records and our privacy????? It would be nice if they stopped being so political, and just did their jobs correctly.

Anonymous said...

Billions for security and this is what we get.

Anonymous said...

The irs calling anyone a thief is the pot calling the kettle black.