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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Free-Range Maryland Family Cleared of Child Neglect Charge

Hallelujah! Danielle and Alexander Meitiv have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Dec. 20 incident when they let their kids walk home from the park in Silver Spring, Maryland. The Washington Post reports:

A Maryland couple investigated for neglect after they let their two young children walk home alone from local parks have been cleared in one of two such cases, according to the family’s attorneys and documents.

The new Child Protective Services finding, which follows an appeal, comes as the experiences of “free range” parents Danielle and Alexander Meitiv have drawn national attention, sparking debate about parenting choices and how far local officials should go to enforce laws designed to protect children.

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Steve said...

They just keep sending home pictures...

Anonymous said...

lol, if child protective services was so concerned about kids I bet there are alot of kids in the ghetto who aren't being supervised or raised properly. These parents are highly educated and doing a great job. typical liberal bs by government workers!

Anonymous said...

Liberals know what's best for the rest! I am so sick of living under a Nanny state! My sibilings and I as well as our friends survived just fine!

Anonymous said...

That's what they do.They roam free.

lmclain said...

The Founding Fathers vision of "limited government" has been completely and utterly destroyed.
By people who think THEY know how everyone else should live and think that any force needed to MAKE you live their way is fully justified.
Keep cheering.