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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gay Mafia Tries to Quash Indiana Pizza Uprising

The GoFundMe account set up for the owners of a small-town Indiana pizza shop, forced to close because of death threats, zoomed to $842,387 Friday evening before coming to a close in an outpouring of support from Christians and non-Christians alike.

But the barrage of online attacks continued against the pizzeria owners who stood firm in their faith and said they would not cater a same-sex wedding., a leftist site which promotes itself as the “go-to site for Web uprisings,” started a petition drive to have the account shut down, while a bastion of the progressive media, Salon, issued a statement on Twitter lampooning the owners.

Dana Loesch, an on-air media personality for the Blaze and host of her own radio show, helped launch the GoFundMe campaign April 1 when she interviewed Crystal O’Connor, who told Loesch she had gone into hiding out of fear for her family’s safety. She said she also had been suspended from a second job as a result of her comment to the reporter.

An employee of CBS News 6 in Richmond, Virginia, named Alix Bryan tweeted: “Indiana pizzeria raises $17K in an hour by being bigoted?”

Bryan then tweeted that she was reporting the GoFundMe account for fraud “just in case.”

One woman, who describes herself as a lesbian from Iowa, posted the following video on YouTube condemning the verbal attacks and issued an apology to the O’Connor family from the “gay community.”

But the threats just kept coming. Not only against the O’Connors but against those who set up the GoFundMe account — Loesch and one of her colleagues.

On Thursday, Lawrence B. Jones III, a contributor to the Blaze TV and who came up with the idea to start the GoFundMe page for Memories Pizza, said on Twitter that pro-gay progressives began targeting his family, the reported.



Anonymous said...

Tolerance is a great thing as long as your on the right side! Shameful

Anonymous said...

The Left and their kind live in a world where they believe the majority of the population agrees with them on these social issues.

When up-rises like this occur (i.e. the massive support for the pizzeria), they can't accept the fact that their beliefs are in the minority.

Anonymous said...

isn't it funny how these "gays" never go to a "gay" bakery or pizza place or anywhere else? isn't it also funny how, they always go to a christian place knowing damn well they will turn them away?

It is interesting to note that most of these gays do this in hopes of a payday...

Anonymous said...

The media gives them power

Anonymous said...

It's their predatory instincts, 1:08.
Almost every single pedophile is a homosexual male who preys on boys. If the pedophile wasn't a homosexul he would be preying on girls but most prey on boys. Going after Christians is another way for them to prey on someone.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty sad world we live in when we have to have a "gay" bakery and a "straight" bakery. Which difference does it make once you leave the store? Is "gay" money any different? People just need to mind their own business and now worry about what everyone else is going!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday my relative told me a story about the fun some of the Baltimore area wedding providers are having at the expense of the gay marriages. Her daughter in laws relative have had a flower shop for years now and being the almighty dollar is their God they have done several same sex weddings. They said the jokes flying while they are preparing the flowers are a hoot. Once when they were doing table centerpieces pre-reception and the DJ chimed in on the jokes and said he always feels if he should ask to play "Daddy's Little Girl" or not. Staff at the receptions are saying at times it is very hard to not keep from bursting out laughing.
I'm not one bit religious but it made me think how you have to give these christians credit for being honest because a lot of those who are providing service for gay weddings are thinking the whole thing is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Social justice laws always discriminate against someone. They simply do not work.

So glad the owners of this place are getting money. They will need it to rebuild if the 'tolerant' (haha) left actually does go there and burn their place down.

Queensgirl52 said...

Were the owners of Memories Pizza asked if they would provide service for same-sex weddings, or did they volunteer that they would refuse to do so? I sense the ghost of the Chick-Fil-A controversy of a couple of years ago hovering.

Anonymous said...

The gay mafia,that's a good name for them.

Anonymous said...

Quennsgirl, the daughter was asked. Before the reporter asked catering a same sex wedding, she asked the young lady if they would serve homosexuals to which she replies without missing a beat yes. The reporter pushed on then asking her if they would cater a gay wedding to which she replied they wouldn't.
This is a small town and this particular pizza place was targeted because the reporter obviously zoomed in on the religious sayings and mementos throughout the shop. They were everywhere.
It all goes back to WWJD and He would do exactly the same. While He didn't dismiss the sinner He did refuse and never participated in their sins.
On a side note screen shots have been posted on various sites dating years prior from her social media sites, where this reporter has anti Christian sediments and is pro homosexual. She was on a mission that day.

Anonymous said...

3:23pm....yeah, that's it. The pizza owners conspired with the local tv station reporter.

I imagine they had a pre-interview meeting, where the pizza lady instructs the tv reporter to ask her if she would sell pizza pies to homosexuals, and she'll say "sure". Then the pizza lady instructs the tv reporter to follow up that question with "well, would you cater a homosexual wedding?" To which the TV reporter said, hold on a minute, that's a silly question, I mean who would hire a pizza caterer for their gay wedding? I'll lose my credibility. Maybe a nice pasta dish or Moe's Big Burrito, but pizza? To which pizza lady says, "yeah, it's a non-sensical question, but ask me anyway and we'll get the left-wing-nut-jobs (LWNJ) to go crazy."

"Then I'll do an interview with a radio personality about how bad the LWNJ have caused havoc for my business, and then at my request, I'll instruct the radio personality to set up a "gofundme" account, and we'll make a lot of money."

Brilliant, say the tv reporter. I know who can help us. I've got this friend who is a mayor in Salisbury MD, and.....

Anonymous said...

After I heard about the GoFundMe site, I went and donated and was mesmerized at the way the donations just kept on coming in. They slowed down over night, but picked up in the morning until they were again rolling in non stop.
At the same time I had heard about some other fund that was started as a protest to this one, with the same goal as $25,000 to raise money for LGTG (whatever the alphabet soup is) youth groups so they can have pizza parties. As of today that fund hasn't raised even $500.

Anonymous said...

How backwards a country the US is. Only 3rd world countries and barbarians and the good old US of A still persecute people for their religious faith.

Anonymous said...

I know, right? The audacity of this family exercising their free speech rights as codified in the first amendment. So much worse than progressive primitives making death threats. It's like we should just do away with equal protection under the law and just go along with the emotion driven collectivism and situational ethics of liberals.

Anonymous said...

So sad that you people will donate to these people while homeless go hungry, food kitchens lay empty, and other people suffer right here in our country. So very Christian of you all.

Anonymous said...

Actually "we Christians" do donate and volunteer in the soup kitchens, in addition to supporting these businesses. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at all the local help in this area and who runs them.

Halo shelter?? Yep run by a church

Christian Shelter.....again run by a church.

The mens shelter that opens in the winter time. It is held a several churches. Each church takes a week to care for these men. Not just food and shelter but basic needs. Hair cuts, they try to help them find a job if need be and even a permanent place to live.

How about the food pantries in this area. All are run by churches. Well all but the Maryland food bank.
Did you know that if a church wants to get food from the food bank to give to the needy they must BUY the food from the food bank?

Where are the local shelters or pantries that are run by atheists? How about a muslim shelter or food bank? Heard of any in this area or this state?

Which organization do you belong to that helps with homeless and the hungry? Let me guess. You donate taxes to the government so they can take care of the illegals.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is where are the homeless shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens operated by the homosexual groups?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
So sad that you people will donate to these people while homeless go hungry, food kitchens lay empty, and other people suffer right here in our country. So very Christian of you all.

April 6, 2015 at 7:40 PM"

No what is sad is that obama and the democrat party and the rest of you liberals have just wiped out a whole family in Princess Anne because supplying immigrants both legal and illegal with welfare benefits and handouts is more important than making sure our own are taken care of. That's what sad!
Democrats are evil wicked people. Those that vote democrat are even more foul because they enable the wicked to operate.