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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More than 289,000 Marylanders Signed Up For Health Care

The state of Maryland says 289,131 residents enrolled in health care in the second sign up period.

The state says 122,778 enrolled in private plans. Of those, 87,007 received an advanced premium tax credit. There were 35,771 enrolling in private plans without a subsidy.

There were 166,353 enrolled in Medicaid.



Anonymous said...

Ya right more like 122,778 were subsidized

Anonymous said...

Actually I did not have a choice and had to sign up.
My cost is $650 a month with a $35 subsidy.
More than my car payment, more than my mortgage.

Not affordable at all. I only make around 40K so take $8000 off that which brings my income to now around $31 take 20% taxes out of that so my net is around $25K.

A royal f-ing of the middle class.

I will lose it next year because I can not afford it and I refuse to buy a policy with an outrageous deductible. It would simply be throwing my money away on a policy I could not use.

It is an insult.

Anonymous said...

The only people I know who signed up were those who were forced to due to their previous insurance not being "grandfathered."
They get no subsidy at all. Not only is the obamacare costing more, but their deductible has tripled.
This is going to be the biggest economy killer ever because people who had disposable income will now have less if any at all.
Just leave it to the democrats to screw up everything they have ever touched. If the democrat voters only had a brain............

Anonymous said...

So, basically 35,771 people actually BOUGHT insurance to pay for the other 253,360 that didn't.

This is Government THEFT ordered by Obama policy.
How's that working out for you Chuck Cook? Those medical bills catching up to you yet? Or are you and your children subsidized because you can't earn your own way and provide for your family?