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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SU Mens Lacrosse -- the buzz

This is from the current poll comments on the Lax Power website:

Salisbury: #15. (AO) — #13. I'm not ready to say the Gulls are back after a couple of wins against light competition, but they are finding the back of the net, which is encouraging. We'll know more after Cabrini/Stevenson. (D-III) — #19. (goalielax10) — #14. (LaxForNow) — #18. Still not sure this team deserves to be ranked but I'll bet nobody on the schedule is looking forward to playing them. (minkhoo) — Started the Capital conference schedule with an impressive win. (nevadajoe) — #18. (Richard) — #13. Losses to OWU, Gettysburg, and Lynchburg--which don't actually sound that bad anymore. (Ron Burgundy) — Back on track, outscoring HSC and St. Mary's 30-10 this week. Cabrini this week should be a good barometer to see how good they can be this year. (Southwillrise) — #20. Played better against H-SC and St. Mary's. Not great, but just good enough to re-enter my top 20. (thatsmell) — #15. (The Reason) — Welcome back to my top 20. You're in mostly by default, but the two resounding wins this week help. Big opportunity this week against Cabrini to right the ship. (trplax25) — Gulls have a stronger week. (valaxfan) — Just keep winning CAC games, boys! (zarching)


Anonymous said...

Please stop having the SU lacrosse updates. Not a story but a few care about. Is it really a sport anyway?

Anonymous said...

They have professional leagues... so why isn't it a sport? SU has won national championships. Show some respect loser.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News --

Gulls beat Cabrini today, 13 to 7.

Anonymous said...

Ok 4:53, without looking it up, name 6 professional lacrosse players. EXACTLY, you can't. You can certainly name 6 pro football players, 6 pro baseball players, 6 pro basketball players or 6 pro hockey players. End of discussion.