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Saturday, February 07, 2015

You're Not Going to Believe What's Being Taught in LA Public Schools

While teaching Islam, along Christianity and Judaism, is an important part of history, the educators present at the AFA lecture pointed out that History Alive pays an enormous amount of time and attention to Islam (55 pages) in the seventh grade. When teachers were asked whether Christianity (16 pages, which focused mainly on the Crusades) and Judaism (1 page) were given the same amount of attention in the classroom, they were told yes — but in sixth grade.

Maurey Williams, who taught History Alive between 1995-2001, pointed out that certain teachers in City Heights Horace Mann Middle School in San Diego would ask students to recite the “Shahada”. The “Shahada” is the Islamic profession of faith. Students were also reportedly asked to select a Muslim name from a list of 30. The same treatment reportedly did not apply when teaching Christianity or Judaism.

And then there’s the textbook.

…when teaching about Christianity, the textbook presents disclaimers such as “Christians believe,” implying an absence of credibility or historical evidence. Whereas the teachings of “Islam are presented as facts.” In a segment on Judaism, the book writes, “Moses claimed to receive the 10 Commandments from God.”

When it came to Islam? “Muhammad received the Qur’an from God.”



Anonymous said...

religion being taught in schools? Thought it was a no no.

Anonymous said...

Who is it that has decided that all this about Islam needs to be taught to our children? This country was founded on strong Christian beliefs and is still mainly a christian society. Muslims most certainly don't teach anything about other religions to their students. This indoctrination needs to be stopped. If the radical liberals want separation of church and state no religion should be taught nor discussed in school. Leave it to the parents and institutions of higher learning!

Anonymous said...

Inner Baltimore City kids have been bused to Morgan State College to "hear" Louis Farrakhan spew about the nation of islam and it was considered a non issue by the MSM.
Try busing them to a college to hear Rev. Graham speak and it would front page headlines.