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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

U.S. woman missionary kidnapped in central Nigeria

(Reuters) - An American woman working as a Christian missionary in Nigeria was kidnapped overnight, the website of the Free Methodist Church and a security source said on Tuesday.

"Early this morning we received a report that Rev. Phyllis Sortor, our missionary in Nigeria, was abducted from the Hope Academy compound in Emiworo, Kogi State, Nigeria by several persons," the church said.

Nigeria is one of the world's worst country's for kidnapping, a major criminal enterprise that makes millions of dollars a year.



Anonymous said...

Step in mud you should expect to get dirty.

lmclain said...

She was warned that going there and staying there, as an American, was VERY dangerous. She ignored those warnings.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

I never have understood why people go to third world countries to help others when there are so many people in this country that need help. Poorly educated parts of this country barely have toilet in their homes and some still don't. Why are we not helping our own first????