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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ocean City may see cut in state tourism, marketing funds

Maryland’s ongoing fiscal turmoil will likely have an effect on state tourism funding to local agencies, including Ocean City, resort leaders heard last week.

Governor-elect Larry Hogan will likely be asking Maryland’s government offices to absorb the state’s projected $400 million revenue shortfall for fiscal year 2015 by further cutting expenditures, Maryland Tourism Commission Chair Greg Shockley said.

Shockley, owner of Shenanigan’s and the Shoreham Hotel, told the Ocean City Tourism Commission that the Maryland Office of Tourism was anticipating having to cut aid to state-subsidized destination marketing organizations (DMOs), of which Ocean City is a major benefactor.



Anonymous said...

O'Malley, the gift that keeps on taking.

Anonymous said...

OC is a mature resort. Time to cut out the funding anyway. They will not miss a beat . I am glad we have a governor with common sense and willing to cut. Keep cutting Hogan!

Anonymous said...

Good I dont want my tax money supporting that Hell Hole

Anonymous said...

LOL - the Mayor's comment reminds me of the Vice President's on all the STIMULUS spending!

Anonymous said...

Note Mayor Rick. Summer vacation weekly stay for my family of 4: $6,500 in July, For $6,500 can take real destination vacation to Disney, Vegas, or London.

OC in no longer a value, and they never stop finding a way to pick your pocket.