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Friday, January 23, 2015

Obama's Race War, a Fight with Russia, and the Economic Destruction of America?

So, let’s check in. How is America doing under five-plus years of Obama’s leadership?

With a self-proclaimed “constitutional law professor” running the show, shouldn’t the people in power in this country be upholding the Law of our Land with the utmost respect and care?

It’s our first ever black president. Shouldn’t American race relations be better than ever?

How is the middle class doing? Obama is about to promise to help the dwindling, nearly extinct American middle class tonight, once again, at his State of the Union speech (just like he has at all of his State of the Union speeches…).

How are American relations with Russia these days? Peaceful? Quiet?

How is Wall Street doing? Under control?

How about that wealth gap? Jobs? The economy?

If you answered somewhere between something like “worse than a NYC taxicab floormat on New Year’s morning” and hysterical, sardonic laughter at any or all of these questions, you aren’t alone. They were hard just to type.

In reality, no one even really knows who our president is.



Anonymous said...

What a shame. First black president and he reaffirmed what people have always steriotyped black people in high positions to do.

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers are full of BS saying they want to help small business but there is nowhere to get approved for a loan and small business agencies only allotted a million dollars to lend for the whole state.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse.Memo could be in charge....