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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Joe, why would ethanol free gas cost $2.69 in Chattanooga, Tn. and $5.70 in Easton, Md.?


Anonymous said...

because the retailer is ripping you off

Anonymous said...

The stuff in Easton is 93 Octane instead of the 87 you have shown. I have been buying it there for a while as it is on my commute and one of the few places that carries 93 Octane

Do you have the Tennessee price for 93 Octane?

I do know that Maryland has multiple taxing schemes for gasoline so that will be a contributing factor.

There are also more ethanol-free locations there - according to and many carry the 93 Octane.

I really think it is because of the tax and business environment though!

Anonymous said...

The same reason gas is closer to $2 in TN and $2.6x locally

Anonymous said...

I really think it is because of the tax and business environment though!

December 13, 2014 at 2:51 PM

I agree with you there. I used to stop in Easton and buy diesel fuel few years back. Taxes are more there than in wico co. so fuel is higher. at least that what owner told me.

I stopped in salis shell to get non ethanol the other day. it was 359 a gal. i think. 93 was 311 so i got 93 instead.

dont know why non ethanol hasnt gotten cheaper like the other gas.

Anonymous said...

How in the world do you think MD is able to pay for creating Apps for your iPhone? They just released one that tells you when you are drunk.

Besides, MD Uses better corn for their gas. "Better ingredients, better gas!"

Anonymous said...

I buy my ethanol free gas from Croppers (James Warren) in Berlin, Md. If you use non ethanol in your lawn mowers and chainsaws, the days of rebuilding your clogged jets and crud in the bowl are over. On my mower I use a fuel shut off valve and that's how it gets cut off, Every Time. I cut the key off afterward. The carb is therefore dry regardless of which fuel you use (the evaporated crap residue is what clogs the carb up), but as stated I only use non ethanol fuel. I no longer have to screw with the mower every spring nor spend $100 getting the carb rebuilt.

Peace Alliance on the shore... said...

BAN All fuels to make vehicles drive....walk...walk....walk...walk...

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:51pm

You are mistaken about the "different gas schemes".

Wholesale cost of Midgrade Gasoline is about $0.08 to $0.10 more than Regular and Super is about $0.20 more than Midgrade. So, Regular is $0.28 to $0.32 cheaper than Super.

The fuel in Easton is Conventional Oxygenated Gasoline with 10% Ethanol. This type of fuel is also in Cambridge to OC to Cape Charles, VA and usually comes from Salisbury due to the freight economics.

Although WaWa in Delmar, DELAWARE is only 7 miles from Salisbury, they can NOT get that same gasoline due to their State's EPA Vapor regulations. Their fuel must come from the Delaware City refinery or depending on pricing and freight could come from Baltimore. The entire State of Delaware must get their fuel from Del. City or Baltimore. FYI... the transport (8500 gals) freight from Del. City to Delmar, Delaware is about $0.06 per gallon.

Now, the $5.799 per gallon Gasoline WITHOUT Ethanol has to be trucked in from Baltimore.
Ethanol free is now a "specially blend" and is very expensive. Boat owners are usually the only buyers of Ethanol Free gasoline since ethanol and the water "environment" are NOT a friendly mixture. A ethanol/water mix can seize up a motor and repairs can be very expensive. Most boat motor warranties require a ethanol free fuel to be used.

If the station had a small truck delivery that adds to the cost of the product rather than a 8500 gal. delivery. Taxes are another factor since every states has a different state excise tax and they could be a gross receipts or city tax on the fuel besides the federal/state excise tax.

Check out >>> for more information.

Anonymous said...

The stuff in Salisbury is 89 octane, I believe, and it's around four dollars last I checked.

Anonymous said...

joe, i just got back from south carolina and regular gas there is $2.16 per gal. state tax there is not as huge as it is in md. thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

Ummm there is this little thing called supply and demand that's at work here. it also helps if you live closer to 90% of the nation's oil refineries in Tx. It cost less for deliveries if you live in let's say Nashville Tn. But, you all so have to account to for supply and demand. For which on the east coast we have a lot of demand but little in the way of supply hence getting oil from Tx. With thousands more people needing oil products on the east coast the cost goes up verses let's say living I need some small Midwest town.

Anonymous said...

I buy all my non-ethanol gas at Dockins Service Station in East New Market. It is 89 octane and he is selling it for $3.50 today. And they pump the gas. Lots of boaters go there too.