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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Transgender Troops Want Pentagon Ban Lifted

WASHINGTON (NewsChannel 8) - Despite the 2011 repeal of the so-called Don't Ask Don't Tell policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly, transgender Americans are still banned from the U.S. military.

But in other western nations, that's not the case. At a conference Monday, transgender troops from around the world gathered in Washington to share their experiences and call for change.

The ACLU Palm Center conference featured transgender service members from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and the U.K.

Maj. Alexandra Larsson of the Swedish Armed Forces said, “To some degree, it's a very basic human thing. It isn't that complicated to allow people to be themselves, really.”



Anonymous said...

A person who is transgender is definitely not "being themselves"


Anonymous said...

Mentally deranged people

Anonymous said...

As an employer, I am looking for people to serve my customer base. Particularly, I want someone who can relate to the transgender population, as this is almost 1% of the population. What an incredible customer base! Maybe if I put myself in that market, I would starve, or suffer malnutrition from vomiting.