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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Proposal Would Ban Sales Of Puppies And Kittens In Pet Stores

Everyone has seen images of puppy mills, where dogs are crammed into cages awaiting sale to anyone with the cash or credit card to buy them.

No one wants to buy from puppy mills, but the possibility that they're sending dogs to pet stores has inspired a Montgomery County Council member draft a proposal that could ban the sale of puppies -- and kittens -- in pet stores.

"I know it will be controversial," says Montgomery County Council member George Leventhal.

He also knows it would leave open a difficult question: Where are you supposed to buy a puppy if not from a pet store?



Anonymous said...

Long overdue. Needs to be nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Gee Joe,
I thought you and your wife were advocates for animals. At least that is how you portray yourself.
You didn't post my comment, and I can only assume it's because you don't mind pet stores lining their pockets with dirty money. Or maybe a pet store is advertising on your blog. I don't know, but either way pet stores are wrong for selling animals from puppy mills and puppy mills are wrong for the way they breed.
Believe me, I look for ways to respect this blog, but you've lost me again.

JoeAlbero said...

3:13, What the hell are you talking about. While I don't moderate all of the comments here, unless you cursed I can't see why your comment wouldn't have been published.

Nevertheless, I do NOT care for the way you are talking to me by suggesting I am someone I am not.

Anonymous said...

If pet stores stop selling pups it will help with the pet over population but many will continue to buy from these awful businesses via the internet. The only solution is to close the puppy mills. At least this is a start.