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Friday, October 17, 2014

Daily Times Bows Down To County Executive

In today's Daily Times, Pollitt writes a letter to the editor explaining his lack of finances in his campaign. Pollitt tries to say he doesn't understand how the Daily Times could get it so wrong, yet they didn't. 

Pollitt says, That effort is well under way and donations are coming in nicely. 

Sorry Rick, NICELY is more like what Bob Culver has brought in. 

Might I suggest Mr. Pollitt go back to the articles I posted this week showing the faces of those people who can and will influence a campaign both by reputation and or finances. THAT is how you win an election. 

Pollitt can cry all he wants, he knows his time is over and he's had eight years to make things at least better and he has failed miserably. 


Anonymous said...

The Daily Times is a disgrace and I would question whether the printing of the line in Pollitt's letter asking for donations is ethical even under their low standards.

I also question how much work the County PIO, that we pay for, is doing for Pollitt's campaign on our dime. Another questionable legal and ethical situation!

Pollitt has lost any character and integrity he may have once had.

JoeAlbero said...

8:58, You know, that's a damn good point. Considering the County pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise in the DT's, there just very well may be a massive conflict of interest right there.

Once again, taxpayer money supporting your local newspaper and ethics thrown right out the door.

Anonymous said...

I have grave concerns that the old line establishment and their children are supporting Pollitt not because they respect him, but because they can manipulate him.

Pollitt hasn't been running a campaign until recently because he could find NO ONE who wanted to do it for him.

Prominent members of the Democratic party have been quoted as saying that Pollitt is an embarrassment, yet they sign letters asking for donations for him. The hypocrisy is staggering and shows they are more concerned about their own pocketbooks than the good of the County and its citizens.

Anonymous said...

Joe, who would you report an ethics violation to? How can we find out if that Brooks woman is writing Ricky's campaign stuff on our time? This stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

I am really afraid Pollitt is going to win. Prominent people who should be smart enough to know better are supporting him and it can only be for one reason. They are scared of Culver's honesty and know they can control Pollitt (maybe that is 2 reasons).

We already know they (Pollitt's people) are trying to use scare tactics with the FOP and LEOs saying Bob will cut their budgets.

This is coming from the same people who did bait and switch on the FOP agreement. So liars are trying to cast someone else as worse than they are? NOTHING is worse than a liar. Once lied to, you can never trust that the person is telling you the truth again.

The line of lairs in the Executive office and some department heads is a long one. THIS is what some people want to return to office.

All I can say to those people is get ready, if you haven't been lied to yet, you will be.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see how the DT is "bowing down" by posting a letter to the editor.

IMO writing a letter to the editor is the same as a writing or commenting on a blog. The writer is giving an OPINION of his/her beliefs on a subject that may or may not agree with others opinions.

The one difference in a "letter to the Editor" of a newspaper and a posting on a blog is - the writer has to sign his name to his opinion or it will not be posted.

Anonymous said...

This is a clear violation of campaign laws. Stay on this Joe. It is going to BLOW UP on all involved.

Anonymous said...

9:42 Pollitt asked for donations. That is not allowed under law. He needed to pay for an ad with an authority line. Asking for funds is not an OPINION.