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Friday, October 17, 2014

City of Salisbury Neighborhood Services Task Force Announces 2nd Service Week

The City of Salisbury Department of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance, Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department, Department of Public Works, and the Department of Building Permits & Inspections will be performing a saturation of City services in the Areas of Buena Vista Avenue to Washington Street and over to Snow Hill Road during the week of October 20 – 24, 2014.

During this effort, City departments will educate property owners and residents about property maintenance codes, available City services, and provide smoke detectors to those in need. The Department of Public Works will be performing street sweeping, tree trimming, water & sewer cleaning and inspections, sewer flushing, and spraying weeds with the weed busters program. The Salisbury Police Department will have the Princeton Avenue Substation open to the public during this effort.

“This effort continues our work in the areas between College Avenue and Snow Hill Road.” noted Mayor Jim Ireton. “Public Works is cleaning and maintaining streets, Salisbury Fire Department is making residences safer for citizens, the police are engaging in community policing initiatives, and Neighborhood Services is improving the quality of our housing stock. We build on the tremendous effort of the last saturation in Princeton Homes, which made it possible for us to identify street lights that needed fixing, potholes in streets, houses that were vacant and unregistered, and quite a few vehicles that hadn't moved in a long time. We appreciate citizens opening their doors and partnering with us in our efforts to increase the quality of the health and safety of our citizens.”

Any questions can be directed to Susan Phillips, Director, Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance (410) 341-9550.


Anonymous said...

I suppose these property owners (if any) and renters are not able to take care of their homes or take the initiative to look up the codes or actually do the required maintenance. If I let my property go the crap, they just fine me.

Anonymous said...

This is being done after over 3 years why? Wasn't Jim Ireton supposed to have this done quarterly?

Something is up and it isn't normal.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Washington St. area and rentals are not maintained by the owners or occupants. The non improvements complained about july14-july 18th still not done!!!! I wish I could move and live in a nice neighborhood 9:48 but can't sell due to the neighborhood. I'll trade you homes.

Anonymous said...

The mayor should look in his own neighborhood. Many of the properties look terrible with high grass, weeds, disrepaired and just plain neglected; many vacate houses that appear to be abanded.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ireton's home is a sight and he is to stupid to realize he in violation of the code with abnormally overgrown shrubs. If some thug hid in those bushes one night and scared him he would squeal like a little girl until the police got there.