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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Where to start honest talk on race

After weeks of national angst generated when a white police officer shot an unarmed black man on the streets of Ferguson, Mo., perhaps it is time we have an honest discussion about race in America.

But if we do so, the voices should not be restricted to those who carry a sense of racial grievance and blame racism as the root cause of all the problems that afflict the black community.

Jason Riley, a Wall Street Journal editorial board member and author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks To Succeed,” is certainly one man who should be listened to.

Riley is not oblivious to police bias.



Anonymous said...

Seriously,have'nt we been talking about race for the last 60 years? Wouldn't something have been resolved by now if it ever were to happen? One person's opinion is that we need to stop talking about it because nothing has changed and nothing ever will.

Anonymous said...

And I'd like to stop helping them. Really, I need the money.

Anonymous said...

They won't be a honest discussion until the country is rid of the profiteering race baiters. This goes not only to the likes of Jackson and Sharpton but to the NAACP as well. Honesty is a foreign concept to these people and is the cause of the downward spiral of their neighborhoods. When children aren't taught to value honesty everything turns chaotic. Best to dismiss them all until they stop with the lies, the blaming and the excuses. You can't reason with people void of any morals and decency.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, they are their own worst enemy! Their incivility and entitlist attitudes put everyone they come in contact with off so much!

They need to learn that being on a government program is something they should be ashamed of - not proud of. They need to learn that being a productive member of society is something to be proud of - not ashamed of!

Pullup your pants, turn your radio down so folks in the next county can't hear it, quit parking right next to no parking signs, quit doing stuff that makes everyone know exactly what type of person did it, be responsible for your actions, and quit acting like the world owes you everything...go out and earn it!

Anonymous said...

7:42 sounds like you are talking about Democrats......