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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

State Park Ranger Found Unconscious in Patrol Car With Beer Between His Legs

A California state parks ranger is on administrative leave following a rather hilarious and compromising photo taken August 15.

The officer, Tyson Young, has been stripped of his peace officer status as well.

According to the anonymous source who took the photograph, Young was parked irregularly along State Route 254, aka the “Avenue of Giants” in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

When the anonymous man stopped to make sure everything was okay, he saw the officers head slumped against the window. Immediately he reached through the open window and tried to wake the officer.
“I shook him, really shook him,” the man said. “And then I saw the beer between legs.”

After not being able to wake the officer, the man dialed 9-1-1 and then snapped this epic photo.


Anonymous said...

Beer can was probably planted.

Anonymous said...

come on. he had a bad day ...

Anonymous said...

ONly the finest may apply.

Anonymous said...

Got some stones between his legs

lmclain said...

He's on LEAVE??? WTF!?
Citizens have been arrested and charged with drunk driving for being asleep behind the wheel WITHOUT any liquor at all in their vehicle. Happens EVERY DAY. But of course, they are just citizens.
If you're a cop, you get placed on "LEAVE".
And cops wonder why respect for them is at an all-time low?
Reinstate "equal justice under the law".
Or, keep cheering.