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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Poll: Americans, 4 to 1, want war with ISIS

As he waffles on U.S. policy toward terrorists in Syria dubbed ISIS, President Obama is being handed rare American support for a military attack against the terrorists, according to a new poll.

In its latest survey, finds that the nation has done a 180 in just a year, and now supports military action by nearly four to one.

Some 63 percent of Americans back a Pentagon strike against the terrorists to 16 percent who don’t. A year ago, those numbers were reversed when Americans were asked about striking Syrian troops commanded by President Bashar Assad, with 60 percent opposing military action and 20 percent supporting it.

The flip-flop comes as television news is filled with stories of horrific murders of those captured by ISIS, and reports of American airstrikes against the militants.



Anonymous said...

This country worrying about Isis, But letting Muslims take over USA.

Anonymous said...

If the idiot dems dont see what this musim sypathizer president is doing to America we are DOOMED.

Anonymous said...

The media has done its job well.

Convinced the American Sheeple that war is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

We just had to poke the hornets nest didn't we? We created so many more haters of America by our aggression in Iraq.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ISIS doesn't even know whether they are ISIL or ISIS or ISSL, or Googlyboo!, and our editor in cheese wants to go to "War" with....who?

What part of IDIOT don't you understand?

Obama needs a mullet to the head.

ginn said...

These butchers know the US has soft leadership w/o direction and are capitalizing on it. They are going to push and push until their toe hold is a strangle hold on the Christian/Mormon/Buddhist/Jewish etc world.
The entire muslim dogma is built around forcing mankind to acknowledge and worship their deity, or die. There is no wiggle room, isn't that clear by now?
islam is not a religion in the sense you or I understand. It's a fanatical cabal of organized Satans bent on world domination. And, the only way the world is ever going to survive islam is to treat it like the cancer that it truly is and eradicate it.

Anonymous said...

Im sure that website is so honest

Anonymous said...

Let us shoot them here too!

If we treated them here like they treat us there, maybe they would wake up to the fact that we don't want them around either!

Their 'holy' book tells them it is OK to deceive 'infidels' - so you can't trust a single word or deed of their making. Let their actions as a whole show us their true intent!

Anonymous said...

Need to test a Nuke in Muslim Land!