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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Obama Admin Just Took A Stand For Islam That Will Drive You Crazy

According to recent reports, the Obama administration is taking on the town of St. Anthony, Minn. for its leaders’ decision to turn down a request to build an Islamic center. U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger confirmed that the Department of Justice is suing the municipality, alleging that denial of the permit amounts to a violation of federal law.

“Though we have filed our lawsuit,” he said, “we hope the good people of St. Anthony, including the elected officials who made this decision, will change their minds and allow Abu Huraira to conduct prayer services in this space.”

The group sought permission to use the basement of the city’s business center to hold its religious ceremonies, prompting the city council to determine that such a use would be in violation of the building’s zoning permit.



Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion applies to ALL religions, not just the ones you like.

Anonymous said...

Its about zoning. You know?

Anonymous said...

Pour pig guts and blood at the proposed site, then it is over, they will leave!

Anonymous said...

12:37 Can't you read it is zoned for industrial non religious that means all religions. So it is not discriminate against any religion.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Muslim and always takes the wrong side against his own country. Why does he keep suing states just because they are enforcing the law, the same laws he keeps biolating especially in regards to immigration or voting.

Anonymous said...

Our Government shut down Warren Jeffs and David Koresh and the branch Davidians. Neither was beheading people.
I would say beheading qualifies your religion as a cult which puts it in the subject to removal category.