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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Unarmed New Hampshire man shot in the head with a shotgun during botched drug sting

WEARE, NH — A “poorly planned” sting operation left an unarmed New Hampshire man dead; shot behind the wheel in the bloody and unnecessary War on Drugs. Despite evidence that contradicted officers’ claims about having their lives endangered, the shooters were not fired and faced no legal consequences.

The incident occurred when the small town of Weare (pop. 8,700) tasked its police department with forcibly preventing citizens from getting high without government permission. To this end, a sting operation was set up to attempt to arrest a small-time drug suspect, 35-year-old Alex Cora DeJesus.

The first attempt to arrest DeJesus failed, according to the Attorney General Joseph Foster’s investigation report, when an initial staged drug transaction netted a woman instead of DeJesus. The woman had allegedly been sent by DeJesus to pick up drugs because he was already too high to drive, foiling investigators’ plans. She was arrested, and subsequently was strong-armed into becoming an informant against DeJesus in exchange for a chance to keep her freedom.



Anonymous said...

I was on a jury where a couple of guys went looking to kill a drug dealer. They had him meet them on the pretext of buying drugs and then shot him. Didn't take us very long to convict the shooter of murder. Apparently it OK if it's the cops doing the shooting!

Anonymous said...

They think they are gods and can do NO wrong.

Anonymous said...

who cares. just one more piece of crap out of this world, even if it was a mistake. no harm, no foul.