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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IRS Confirms Abortions are Eligible for a Tax Deduction

Here’s something from the “Did you know that?” category. Did you know that abortions are apparently eligible for a tax deduction? That appears to be true, so says the IRS.
From the Washington Examiner, in a list of odd tax deductions:

Have an abortion, get a tax deduction! How strange that pro-abortion advocates aren’t using this as a selling point. Hmmm.

Oh, and while they hyperventilate over Hobby Lobby not wanting to provide every type of birth control without a co-pay, it turns out that birth control pills can be deducted if prescribed by a doctor.


Anonymous said...

Another place where taxpayers fund abortion.

This loophole needs to be closed!

Anonymous said...

Come on how many people get abortions who have the ability to go beyond their Standard Deduction?

The percentages are pretty solid behind the lion's share getting Earned Income Credit..

Anonymous said...

Technically abortions are deductions when you think about it.