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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Casino Revenue For February Shows Increase

Total revenue from Maryland's four casinos was more than $66 Million last month. That reflects a more than $15 million increase than last February.

Maryland Live Casino continues to lead the way with more than $52 million generated last month from slots and table games, $14 Million more than last February.

As for the rest of the casinos, Hollywood Casino Perryville brought in more than $7 million last month, more than a million dollars more than last February.


Anonymous said...

I get to gamble and keep the winnings all by using my ebt card! thank you Maryland!

Anonymous said...

See. The economy is getting better. People have more money to waste at the casinos!

Anonymous said...

What is the statistic for bankruptcy cases?

Anonymous said...

Totally misleading story. Forget about the revenues, was there a net profit? Did the loans get paid back to the taxpayers? Where did the net profit go? Answer, the casinos lost money.