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Saturday, February 01, 2014

How To Debunk The ‘War On Women’

What is it about women that causes leading Republicans to grow clumsy, if not stupid? When even savvy, fluent, attractively populist Mike Huckabee stumbles, you know you’ve got trouble. Having already thrown away eminently winnable Senate seats in Missouri and Indiana because of moronic talk about rape, the GOP might have learned. You’d think.

Huckabee wasn’t quite as egregious, just puzzling and a bit weird. Trying to make a point about Obamacare mandating free contraceptives, he inexplicably began speculating that the reason behind the freebie was the Democrats’ belief that women need the federal government to protect them from their own libidos.

Bizarre. I can think of no Democrat who has ever said that, nor any liberal who even thinks that. Such a theory, when offered by a conservative, is quite unfortunately self-revealing.

In any case, why go wandering into the psychology of female sexuality in the first place? It’s ridiculous. This is politics. Stick to policy. And there’s a good policy question to be asked about the contraceptive mandate (even apart from its challenge to religious freedom). It’s about priorities. By what moral logic does the state provide one woman with co-pay-free contraceptives while denying the same subvention to another woman when she urgently needs antibiotics for her sick child?



Anonymous said...

Listen to the unedited version and then decide.

Anonymous said...

There is no war on women, the war is on their children by Democrats.

Anonymous said...

The war on women is democrat thing. The Kennedy family already has two confirmed kills.

Anonymous said...

Only weak women believe there is a war on them. It's the democrats way of keeping them down. They keep on beating women down and telling them they are a victim. The women them become slaves to men, like Clinton, Rice, Sebilus and the other pathetic shells of women who then obey and do the dirty work for men.