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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Says O’Malley has created a “hostile environment” for private business

Annapolis, Md
. – Gubernatorial candidate Ron George has released the following statement regarding Beretta’s new Tennessee manufacturing factory:

“The news of Beretta opening their first manufacturing factory outside of Maryland is a tragic continuation of the O’Malley/Brown administration’s record of pushing private jobs out of Maryland. The hostile environment O’Malley and Brown created has made it impossible for companies like Beretta, who have paid Maryland taxes and provided hundreds of jobs for nearly 30 years, to stay in a state they do not feel welcome. The 300 jobs lost to our Governor’s arrogance would have been mainly entry and mid-level jobs for those suffering the most from the recession.

“O’Malley’s disregard for new manufacturing businesses and 2nd Amendment rights played a huge part in Beretta’s decision to expand their business elsewhere. The Tax Foundation noted Maryland has the heaviest tax burden on new manufacturing in the nation making us a place manufacturers do not feel welcome.”


Anonymous said...

The new gun laws created a surge in gun purchases all across the state. There are now several times more guns owned in the state of Maryland then there would have been had the new gun laws never been implemented. This just goes to prove once again that any legislation enacted by the Democrats will have the opposite effect on the situation than is stated by the legislation. That's irony for ya...

Anonymous said...

Martin the Maniac should be required to walk the streets of Baltimore during the night without his protection detail to see just how safe his communist laws have made Maryland safer. He should be impeached or recalled for his lack of common sense and his overall disloyalty to all Marylanders as demonstrated with his new taxes and enacted gun laws. He is a parasitic disease.

Anonymous said...

11:33 - yet we (collectively) reelected him....we want this disease!

Anonymous said...

Baltimoroons re-elected him