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Thursday, January 30, 2014

CARSON: Obama Is Wrong That Raising Minimum Wage Will Fix Income Inequality

Opportunity, not entitlements, is the path forward

There has been much discussion about income inequality recently. President Obama seems to think that we can make significant progress in eliminating poverty by raising the minimum wage, as his State of the Union address highlighted.

Many hope that through a simple declaration, the poor can be elevated to a higher social status. Such people fail to realize that pay is associated with value — otherwise, we could just pay everybody $1 million a year and let everybody be rich.



Anonymous said...

the first tree words of the statement are all you need to hear or say, "OBAMA IS WRONG"...

Anonymous said...

There are many "rich" lowlifes walking around. Elevating one's position in life has little to do with money or skin color or social status. It has everything to do with character, morality, benevolence, perseverance, integrity, honestly and goodwill toward others.
It means being compassionate, discriminate and having informed tolerance. Most importantly, self respect.
Dr. Carson is the model.