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Thursday, December 26, 2013

85-Year-Old Woman Flown To Wrong Destination For Christmas…But That's Only Part Of The Shocker

Maria Nieves’ daughter sent her 85-year-old mother an index card with her name, flight information and final destination prior to her holiday trip. The index card wasn’t just a precaution though.

Nieves had accidentally flown to the wrong location before, and the family felt equipping her with this information could prevent it in the off chance it might happen again. It didn’t.

Even with this information in her possession, available for any airport employee to cross check, instead of ending up in Fort Meyers, Fla., Nieves landed in Pittsburgh, Pa., Sunday night.

She had flown to the wrong destination — again.



Anonymous said...

Wrong way Corrigan lives again!

Anonymous said...

This was on the new US Air after the merger!

Anonymous said...

I call BS on this one. You can get permission to go to the gate with her and make sure she gets on the correct flight. ever heard of a non stop flight? heavens forbid someone from her family accept some responsibility! no we'll just blame the airline for not knowing the woman is incapable of taking care of herself and so is the family!
And I am not a fan of the airlines! I have enough sense not to trust them with my family members! unless of course it's my mother in law!