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Thursday, December 26, 2013

American Abducted By Al Qaeda Makes Plea to Obama

A U.S. government contractor kidnapped by al Qaeda more than two years ago appeared in a new video making a desperate plea to President Obama.

Warren Weinstein, 72, was abducted in August 2011 in Lahore, Pakistan, where he was working for a U.S.-based firm that advises Pakistani businesses.

He said in the video he feels "totally abandoned and forgotten," telling Obama that he can make "hard decisions" now that he does not have to worry about re-election.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame but Obama doesn't give a rats a$$ about this guy. But if it were Travon he could have been his son. And Hillary would say, "What difference does it make." Wake up people. The liberal Democrats have finally shot themselves in the foot and any American with any education should have seen it coming. So, where we stand in this Country is that most of the lower educated voters are Democrats.

Anonymous said...

This statement says it all

"telling Obama that he can make "hard decisions" now that he does not have to worry about re-election."

It's like having a get out of jail free card. Do what you want with no consequences.

Anonymous said...

Very true, 8:56. I bet if it was someone Obama knew we'd be throwing them millions of dollars and kissing their a**. But since it's some old white guy, who cares right?

Anonymous said...

Didn't he know the risk before he went? Let's go to Pakistan for alot of tax free money and when I get in trouble, I'll beg the gov't for help!
Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have been over there in the first.

chuckie said...

10:21 I couldn't have said it better myself . now to the idiots screaming Obama should negotiate his release . are kidding me ? If even tried to do such a thing it would open the door and we would be doing exactly what they want. Multi kidnappings would pop up around the world.

Just the thought of such an idiotic idea makes me sick

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but every time I see someone like this who has been taken or harmed, and they are in one of those countries where the people hate us, my first thought is why in the h*ll did you go there.

Hikers in Iran, this guy in Pakistan, the guy in N. Korea. What are you doing in countries where they hate us.

Then my second thought is why in the heck do you think that we, or "the government" should come and get you.

Maybe it is just me. I was born in the USA. I have no desire to leave the USA. It is not that I don't like to travel. I have traveled to a great many states in the USA. There is still more I want to see.

I just have no desire to go to a country where they hate me and, I can't understand what they are saying about me. They could be standing right next to me saying, "Lets just shoot this idiot in the head. She should never have come here."

Did they go for a big "tax-free pay check?" A burning desire to "see Iran?" Loved the country of Korea so much while fighting there that "just had to go back?" Our country really send them there to spy, and then denies even knowing them? I just DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Can someone help me with this question?