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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

REMINDER: Air Force Minotaur Rocket Launching from Virginia

UPDATE: The launch time has been changed to 8:15pm

For more information on the ORS-3 mission, visit:

Live coverage of the launch is available via UStream beginning at 6:30 p.m. EST on launch day at:

Launch status can be followed on launch day on Twitter at: and Facebook at:


Anonymous said...

new launch time is 8:15

Bullard Construction said...

JUST HEARD (i THINK) ON 757-824-2050 THAT IT'S DELAYED TILL 815. sTILL ON THE PAD @ 735. sorry about the capslock getting stuck!

Beezer said...

Wow - the visibility was spectacular.

When that thing launched it lit up the whole sky in the southeast.

You could see all three stages ignite.

Beezer said...

Joe - thanks for setting up the launch LIVE via SBYnews direct link to NASA.

For the viewing audience - no other local media network has performed this service to the degree that SBYnews has.

Thanks again Joe.