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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pittsville Town Meeting TONIGHT

Joe will please place a notice on your blog concerning the town meeting Monday, October 21, 2013 @7:30 at the town hall.

Question to ask

Who is the town hiring to do the internal audit and how much is it going to cost the tax payers?

What are the intentions of the town council when they find out how much has been stolen from the residents and taxpayers of the town?

Who was benefiting from the ill gotten gains and who knew what was going on but turned a blind eye? Would that be the council members who were signing the checks?

How is Wayne Knapp qualified to run for town council when he list his residence as Worcester County, Ocean City MD on his facebook account and list another address on the liquor license for the Heros Grill in Salisbury? Where does he really live?

Why is the town spending so much money on the old Lions Club Building and receiving no income from it?

The election for the town will held in November 2013. Is the town ready and are the resident aware?


Anonymous said...

It's Pittsville folks....nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Well if nobody cares, then no one has a right to say anything about what happens at town hall. Pittsville residents you have an opportunity to go find out some things about your town tonight, be there, ask questions, don't let them slide, it will just be more of the same if you don't, and when it's time to vote, get the current people out.

Anonymous said...

There is an old saying on the Eastern Side of Wicomico County. "Amongst you tend your business, amongst us tend ours". We have had a recent problem , The problem is being addressed, Nobody has tried to cover anything up, nobody has received any special protection. The legal authorities are doing the investigation. It is painfull to us that one of our own would do this to us, we feel for her who has ruined her life and for her family who did not raise her that way.
The voters in Pittsville will make a decision who will serve as Council members in November. I am confident the votes will do the right thing and re-elect the same council.

Anonymous said...

We will take care of things ourselves

Jim said...

Just wondering if the letter writer attented the meeting. Probably not as there were only 5 people, and me and my wife. I wish I would have seen this post before I went to ask some of these questions, but I have been informed if anyone asks questions Denver doesnt like he will just shut the meeting down.
Anyway... if you are a Pittsville resident please vote for Heather Riekert on election day. Tuesday Nov 5th. !2 noon to 7pm. And remember you dont have to vote for 3 people.

Anonymous said...

Well good for you Pittsville. Take care of it.

This letter writer seems to know a lot of inside info unless they are making it up.

They also presented some good questions.

Good luck on fixing your government.

Anonymous said...

9:17 Amongst you tend your business, amongst us tend ours".

It is my business. I pay taxes in that town. Poor Carla! Really! She made her bed let her lay in it and hopely it will be in a jail cell.

Carla had a good time on the tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Carla isn't going to jail NO ONE is pushing charges... And there's nothing Pittsville can do about that! Pittsville can't seem to keep things together! What's gonna happen is she needs to pay it back!

Jim said...

Audit is ongoing... we shall see if charges are going to happen. I hope they do. And Denver has control of checkbook as well and should have known what was going on. He should step down.
As far Waynne Knapp goes he claims he lives in Pittsville 2 days a week and brought an electric bill to the meeting to prove it is still in his name I guess. Not sure how the residentcy works... joe would know more about that.
I really hope the Fire Dept posts the Town Election dates on their new sign that the Town helped pay for. Hmmm wonder who voted for that expenditure?? Maybe the 3 members on the council that are members of the fire department??
Please vote , residents of Pittsville... vote new!! Heather Riekert!! She has an accounting degree and loves this town. Grew up here, all family here. Share with friends on Facebook and wherever you can. Lets have more than 25 people show up for election.

Anonymous said...

You people don't know anything. Kathy was on quick books just as much why didn't SHE pick up on anything??? Hmmm kinda fishy right! No one has my vote or my husband or our neighbor. The hell with the election!

Anonymous said...

And to Heathers husband I wish you the best of luck cause your going to need it! Karma is a bitch for the person talking so much shit on Carla! I hope they fire Kathy and all the employees and start out fresh! Kathy is rude at times no smile and not even friendly! At least the little blonde (Carla) always had a smile on her face and always talked to the customers I was always well taken care of. Yes Carla was in the wrong but she is a single mother and times were tight, and the opportunity was there! Funny how Kathy can walk in and out if the doors and they always bring her back, so while Kathy was out playing a roll on Berlin. Carla was left to figure out what to do. How do you just up and walk out knowing the person that has to take care if things has no clue what to do! No wonder Pittsville is all screwed up!

Anonymous said...

Heather hasn't been to any town mtgs Except this last one, kathy has her hands in the books and is involved in more than enough, and further more when all said and done Carla will have a right to sue the town on many levels especially the individuals that blatantly told outsiders of a personnel matter that is under investigation which is in violation of any place of employment to include elected officials. there are allegations there is no specifics