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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cruz: 'Ruling Class' Shouldn't Fund Obamacare With 'Brute Force'

On Monday, after asking for unanimous consent on a 60-vote threshold on the House bill that funds the government except for Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the ruling class should not fund Obamacare by "brute force."

Cruz said Obamacare was forced into law over three years ago by a "strict party-line vote" and by "straight brute force," but it "shouldn't be funded that way," even though that is what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wants to do.

"That's not the way this institution should proceed," Cruz said. "A 60-vote threshold does not require the Majority Leader to get a great many Republican votes, but it does require that he get a few. That he cannot simply do it with the votes of only the Democrats in this body."



Anonymous said...

Yeah, "majority rules" really stinks...until you are the majority.

Case in point: when Republican's take the Senate in 2014.

I'll bet you a dollar we don't hear our good friend Sen. Cruz complaining about 51 votes to pass something when the 51 votes are on his side!

Anonymous said...

If that is what the people they represent want, then all is well in la la land.

Too often the case is the people do not get what they want and get what they expressly state they do not want.

Anonymous said...

lol 934 you beat me to it.

Funny how they keep screaming "we're listening to the american people" when the pres. and elected democrats were elected largely on the obamacare platform, then won reelection after passing the bill. I'm not saying I'm for or against it, just pointing out some of the political silliness going on.