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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Ends His Speech After 21 Hours, 19 Minutes

After more than 21 hours on the Senate floor, Sen. Ted Cruz wrapped up his marathon speech against ObamaCare at noon on Wednesday -- though, as expected, it did not stop the chamber from proceeding to a controversial test vote.

The speech amounted to a final act of political theater before the vote. As he concluded, he said to the American people: "This debate's in your hands."

Cruz had attracted a rotating set of supporters by sunrise, as they joined him on the floor in blasting the health care law. 



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this did not work as far as stopping Obamacare. But, I take my hat off to Senator Cruz for making a stand. I wish his fellow Republicans in the House and Senate would display this kind of courage and stop the Obamacare trainwreck, but alas, they will continue to take the easy way out instead of standing up for their constiuents and what is right for our country. Did you notice Senator Rubio? Another stand up guy who will likely get my vote in 2016.

Anonymous said...

He should have read the bill or talked about the bad parts..since none of those idiots who passed it even read it

Anonymous said...

I heard him talk about many of the bad parts when I was listening to him.

Anonymous said...

Political theater: coined by the democrats (notice I didn't capitalize it)and exploited by the press.(again no capital). At the next election, remember who your incumbents are and how they voted.

Anonymous said...

he did read many of the "bad parts".
"political theater"; not hardly. the lap dog press will NEVER get it right because they are "far wrong".
sen. Coburn rep. okla. is talking about the truth of our debt now... this is a real problem as well.

no; cruz and company are true patriots. the rinos MUST go very soon...

Beachboy said...

We may have found a new leader. He has earned my vote by expressing the majority wishes of the people of this country.

Anonymous said...

"the rinos MUST go very soon"

I agree. This is where the parties greatly differ. Democrats are synonymous with lying and excuse making. Republicans tell it like it is when their supposed leaders/law makers are over the top they act such as we've seen with the Tea Party.
Democrats are just followers following along blindly.

Anonymous said...

He has my vote too...virtually all Republicans ran last time on repealing we know who actually means it,