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Monday, August 19, 2013

Illegals Snared As Immigration Debate Continues

A massive weekend raid netted several hundred illegal immigrants who were either car wash workers or customers in Phoenix, according to immigrant-rights groups who say the move highlights the ongoing tensions within President Obama’s deportation policy.

Even as Capitol Hill lawmakers debate whether to move on an immigration bill this year, many immigrant-rights advocates are lobbying Mr. Obama to halt all deportations, and they have picked several cases to make a stand.

Just last week, activists in Ohio demanded a halt to the deportation of a man whose son suffers from cerebral palsy. The Obama administration complied, granting him a one-year stay.



Anonymous said...

The post stated "workers".No wonder they're welcome here.

THE NEW skool kids said...

Gringos, our Savior Obama will set us free soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but these illegals do not have any right to lobby or have any say about anything!!! Ship their a**'s back where they came from! Sick of all this crap!

Anonymous said...

Why can't they be held to our existing immigration laws? We have them, you know!

Enforce existing. It's worked fine for 230 years, no "Reform" needed...