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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Learning Things

Some of the Things I learned by following the Zimmerman trial on Tweeter.
Posted on June 29, 2013 by Miguel

If somebody is White/Hispanic then he is a member of the KKK.

Travon was 4 years old when killed.

Travon was shot three times.

911 operators give orders that must be followed.

Cursive is a foreign language.

A Defense Attorney cannot have ice cream with family or be disbarred and the client found guilty.

You cannot defend yourself unless brains are coming out of your skull.

If you carry a gun, you are guilty of premeditated homicide.

If you care about your neighborhood and keep an eye on things, you must give up your right to Self Defense.

“They always get away” is racist. “Creepy-ass Cracker” is not.

You are not allowed a day in court or a proper defense because a mob says so.

You can blame anybody of anything if they are on trial. Truth need not to apply.

Cops give the best legal advice.

Zimmerman’s injuries were done after the shooting to cover up the crime.
OK, seriously, WTH is “Black English”?

If the defendant’s account and the witness account are similar, it means automatically they are involved in a conspiracy.

It is fascinating what people think is legal or not. I have the feeling most of their “training” comes from watching re-runs of Law & Order and CSI: Miami. And to think that they are part of the jury pool is downright scary.


Anonymous said...

Im sure alot of these are the folks who get the entitlements. They cant think for themselves and obviously dont work. Very sad but scary too.

Anonymous said...

I have applied for an SBA loan 4 times to start making ammo , was turned down without a clue of why.
Supply and demand no longer applies in this country.

Anonymous said...

I learn amazing "facts" like these daily on Salisbury News. Doubt my statement, than just read the comments on a variety of subjects written by the readers.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers for Martin's family were on the Spin Tour this past weekend. They were explaining everything away as being a "blaque thing" on TV.
When asked why Last on Phone w/TM Witness seemed to have such a poor attitude, they said she really didn't have a poor attitude but it's the way blacks express themselves.
When asked why if TM felt so threatened by GZ he didn't call
911, they said it's a cultural thing.
I've not ever heard such nonsense in my life.

Anonymous said...

911 operator testified that he didn't order Zimmerman to do anything and as a matter of fact it's against policy order anyone to ever do anything because of liability reasons.
911 operator-Are you following him?
911 operator-We don't need you to do that.
Only someone who has been completely dumbed down would ever think that was an "order" to stay in or get back into his vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is not guilty, but Florida better prepare for looting and burning.

Anonymous said...

But, of course, Trevon Martin was a complete angel complete with halo. Doesn't matter if Zimmermans face looked like he went 9 rounds w/ a prize fighter or that Martin's halo could have been a cloud of pot smoke. Oh, that's right, the jury isn't allowed to know about that. What a waste of the judicial system & OUR money.

Anonymous said...

I hope he Zimmerman gets his Duke lacrosse team day(s?) in civil court.

Anonymous said...

8:37 - I have seen evidence withheld result in acquittal.

Provide all of the evidence - let the Jury decide!

Anonymous said...

According to Zimmerman's story he did go back into his vehicle after dispatcher told him that. Then shortly after dispatcher asked his location and according to him he got out to check house number and was then jumped. 911 recording does verify this because you can hear his car door slam when he is getting back out of the vehicle.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would have seen TM's social media postings before he was killed no one in their right mind would have trusted him.
Little Ghetto Boy talked crap all the time-fighting, looking for codeine to make drug cocktails, talked about doing drug cocktails, used the N word incessantly.
Of course everything was deleted (but not before saved so still available) so no one could see the real TM.
If he were such an angel as some are making him out to be then there would have been no need to delete his Twitter and FB.
Then on the other hand you have to feel sorry for him because his parents are absolute losers.

Anonymous said...

You left out, you're guilty if you refer to the person you shot as a "suspect".

Anonymous said...

Well, he did call TM a suspect...

Anonymous said...

Today the prosecution asked the judge to strike testimony given by their own witness. This shows how bankrupt they really are.
The lead investigator testified that Zimmerman's statements were consistent and he believed that he was telling the truth, at that point the prosecution lost it. Witness after witness for the prosecution have supported the defense. Where does it go from here? Unless Zimmerman suddenly stands up and shouts "I'm guilty" the prosecution is done.

Anonymous said...

Florida? How about every urban center in America?

Anonymous said...

Then it will be a free for all, and everyone will be able to use the self defense claim. I see it as a win-win. They threaten and attack, we respond and thin the herd. And completely legal to boot. Hurry up acquittal.

Anonymous said...

Do some research here...For every white crime against many Black crimes against white? With those statistics....I will always have my weapon loaded...