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Sunday, July 07, 2013

When 'Racism' Loses Its Meaning

Mention George Orwell's name, and most people think of Animal Farm(1945) or 1984 (1949). Fewer will recall his 1946 essay, "Politics and the English Language."

That's a shame, because that essay is an insightful analysis of how words' meaning can be manipulated to advance political causes.

On the surface, Orwell's essay was about how the English language has been debased, and how language corruption cripples our ability to comprehend what writers mean. An implication is that as words' meaning becomes obtuse, ideological causes can be advanced.



Anonymous said...

Great coming from a man who hid behind a pseudonym.His real name was Eric Blair.I can't say as I blame him.If he had been a failure early in his career no one would have known who he was.One must admit he had true vision.Some writers such as Orwell ring eternally true.A truly great author and a visionary all in one.

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman is getting railroaded by the liberal media, all to get ratings and sell papers.

Anonymous said...

9:05-Most likely true,but he is actually being treated more fairly than I initially expected.A fair trial is all that matters & the jury seems adequate.

Anonymous said...

lol @ "liberal media". Are you saying that conservative media doesn't play the same game? Too funny. Either way, GZ is getting his day in court, which is all I ask for, regardless of the outcome.