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Friday, June 14, 2013

Think Before You Post

FLORENCE, S.C. -- A man wanted by police in Queen Anne's County is now in custody in South Carolina after criticizing the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office on its Facebook page, which led to his arrest for parole and probation violations by the sheriff's office and Maryland Division of Parole on Monday, June 10.

Colby Gilliam, 33, a former resident of Centreville, may have thought he was being helpful in pointing out factual errors in a Facebook post about a worker who was struck by a falling paint can on Tuesday, June 4, on the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge.

"A worker fell while working on the Westbound Span of the Bay Bridge. A High Angle Rescue Team is en route.Two lanes are reported closed and expect delays," the Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.



Anonymous said...

this guy turned himself in!

Had no idea about the violation and it appears the police beat him according to WBAL news!

Anonymous said...

He looks like Shane on the Walking Dead!

Anonymous said...

"had no idea about the violation"-Yeah right-believe that one 5:26 and you will believe anything. They all claim to have "had no idea about the violation." Go in and sit in on the VOP hearings in any court and you will see what I mean.
99.9% of those arrested claim either they were beaten, rights violated, etc. If you also believe this than you surely without a doubt will believe anything.

Anonymous said...

That lump on his forehead happened when he realized his DUH! moment and he hit his hand on his forehead. From the looks of it, it happens more than once a day!

Anonymous said...

10:07 AM

You pull that statistic out of your butt, the same place you think you know everything about everything because you sat in a courtroom?

You can have an opinion but why do you feel the need to insults others while you force it on them?