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Friday, June 14, 2013

‘S’ Is For Shank? Sesame Street To Teach Kids How To Cope When A Parent Lands In Prison

PBS’s “Sesame Street” is taking on the tough task of teaching children how to cope when mommy or daddy lands behind bars, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

The program, titled “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration,” began distributing “tool kits” to schools, community centers and jails in 10 states yesterday to help kids ages 3 to 8, organizers told the Post.

Included in the tool kit is a list of tips to help caregivers prepare little ones for visiting their parent in jail.



Anonymous said...

Conditioning for the mass prison system or new slavery. Getting your kids ready for the FEMA camp haul off.

Anonymous said...

Two gays are going to teach children how to cope when mommy or daddy land behind bars? Thank funny.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when your country has more prisoners than ever.