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Friday, March 08, 2013

One-Time Local Congressional Candidate Pleads Guilty

Maryland State Prosecutor Emmet Davitt says former Congressional candidate Wendy Rosen admits she violated state election laws.

Rosen was running against 1st District Congressman Andy Harris last year when evidence surfaced that she had been voting in a couple of states.

Prosecutor Davitt says as a result of the plea agreement, Rosen has been sentenced to concurrent suspended terms of one year in jail, five years probation and a $5,000.00 fine.


Anonymous said...

Democrats in action.

Anonymous said...

She needs to spend some time in our prisons. Maybe that will straighten her our. One can only hope.

Comrade Hussein Obama said...

Liberal Motto - Vote Early and Often, with OFTEN being the key word

Anonymous said...

Well, now you know the punishment for openly blatant voter fraud...two bits and a slap on the wrist. Doesn't do much to deter the crime, now does it?

Anonymous said...

Does she still have the right to vote? Maybe they should take that away for any future elections.

Anonymous said...

And a month later, after she withdrew from the race in shame, she still got over a third of the votes.


Anonymous said...

She wanted 4 years; so give it to her!

Anonymous said...

Funny how Ireton and Chuck Cookie were supporting her big time and still do to this day. Bunch of darn crooks. Cookie the Crookie!!

Anonymous said...

Not only Ireton and Cook, but Laura Mitchell too supported this criminal.

Look at who these three are supporting for the council seats.

Get out and vote. If you aren't in the city, get your friends who are to vote.

What you'll get if you don't is a bunch of Wendy Rosens running your city.