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Friday, March 08, 2013

Korean War Veteran Granted Wish

Korean War Veteran, 82, with only a year to live granted dying wish to walk the deck of the ship he served on one last time
Korean War veteran Gerald Bowman gamely walked up the gangplank to board the ship he had not seen in almost six decades.

The 82-year-old is suffering from congestive heart failure with only about a year to live and his dying wish was to walk the decks of the USS Laffey on which he served four years, including three tours off Korea.

Wearing a USS Laffey hat, he led reporters through the ship at the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum on Charleston Harbor Friday, stopping by his old bunk and then into the engine room where as a machinist mate he worked, sometimes in sweltering temperatures of more than 120 degrees.

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Anonymous said...

May the Good Lord bless this man for his service to our once-great country. I'm sure it makes him sick to see what he fought for being destroyed by communists.