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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Developer Says American Airlines Using 'Act Of War' Claim To Fend Off 9/11 Negligence Suit

Developer Larry Silverstein is accusing American Airlines of trying to have it both ways over whether or not the Sept. 11 terror attacks were an "act of war."

In court papers filed this morning, Silverstein says the airline and its insurers "repeatedly and explicitly promised Congress, regulators and the American people that they would not use act of war to avoid paying claims" over the deadly hijackings by al Qaeda terrorists.

But after using those assurances to pocket "billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded benefits from a massive federal bailout," Silverstein says American has "reversed course" and is "engaged in a shameful display of cynicism" by invoking an "'act of war' defense" to his negligence suit over the attack on the Twin Towers, which he leased just two months earlier.


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Anonymous said...

Larry Silverstein sounds like a crook. He already got paid by insurance and now is trying to get paid a second time. Hope he loses.