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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't Worry, Congressional Pay Is Protected From 'Sequester' Cuts

Congressional staffers face layoffs and furloughs in two weeks, but Congress members made sure their own paychecks were safe when passing the “sequester law” in 2011.

Technically, the mandatory cuts to military and domestic federal spending are part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. The act contained a “poison pill”–the threat of stark budget cuts by January 2013 in the form of what’s known as the sequester.

That threat was pushed back to March 1, 2013, as part of a compromise made in January. But now, barring a last-second deal, it looks like the sequester will happen.



Anonymous said...

It will never happen. Ob' will mandate it away or congress will kick it down the road forever..

Anonymous said...

The president and congress should lead by example by being the first to forfeit 20% to 40%, of their pay, AND show proof of doing so! If they can't do this, then no one else should have to.
To do even better, they should WILLINGLY go back to pay scale of the president and congress pay of 1969. Now that would really save the American people a boatload of money!! Why 1969, just sounds like a good number!! If necessary then I would say go with the pay scale of 2000, president would be at $200,000/year, half pay and that is STILL WAY TOO MUCH to be paying him.
When congress was first established they were not paid; they were BUSINESS men WANTING to work to make America even better. Today's congress does not have the American people's interest at heart. Today's congress is looking for a life time paycheck on the BACKS of the American people. They are, each and every one, in that congress seat for themselves and no one else.
A very sad commentary of our country and the fools that put these people in office for a life time!

Anonymous said...

The Sequester was OBAMAS IDEA PEOPLE!! He wanted it, demandedit,coerced Congress to pass it and HE SIGNED IT INTO LAW! WTF is wrong with you people thinking that this was a Republican idea-holy cow the Main Stream Media has this country totally brainwashed. PLUS it is not a CUT it is actually just a small decrease in projected EXTRA SPENDING. No wonder this country is circling the drain.