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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Democrats’ Bill On Referendums Denounced As Voter Suppression by GOP Delegate

A bill changing the state’s petition process could make it harder for voters to bring controversial laws to referendum. The Referendum Integrity Act will be among numerous bills debated in Annapolis Thursday that could fundamentally change state election law.

Opponents say the bill by Democratic Dels. Eric Luedtke, Jon Cardin, Sheila Hixson, Anne Kaiser and Jolene Ivey – all members of the House Ways & Means Committee that will hear the bills, including chair Hixson — will diminish the public’s ability to petition laws to the ballot. Filled with new rules, regulations and signature disqualification penalties, the effort is seen as an attempt to effectively kill the referendum process as it is exists today.

“This bill, HB493, is offensively called the ‘Referendum Integrity Act,’” said Del. Neil Parrott, R-Washington County, founder of, the online petition system that jumpstarted the referendum process in Maryland last year. “This bill puts excessive requirements on anyone who collects signatures;



Anonymous said...

It really is time to leave this communist state called md

Andy Berges said...

Since they're both from Montgomery County I'm wondering if Delegate Anne Kaiser, who is openly gay, convinced Luedtke to sponsor this bill that will leave Marylanders who are not elected officials powerless due to the Same-Sex Marriage Referendum.

Anonymous said...

Since we're talking voter integrity, would they be in favor of strict voter ID laws?

Anonymous said...

Its seems a natural course of events for a communist state, eliminate the 2nd amendment first then start working on the 1rst.

Anonymous said...

I soooo HATE this's time to sell the house and get out of here!