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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maryland Schools At The Head Of The Class

Education Week is out with its annual rankings of public schools. And Maryland is once again at the head of its class.

Maryland gets a B plus with a score rated at 87.5.

No state received an A.

The next highest was Massachusetts with a B and 84.1.



Anonymous said...

O'Malley and liberal's rely heavily on a bell curve.

Anonymous said...

All BS-don't buy this. What they forget to mention is how the test scores are modified based on the number of students who are labeled as having some type of learning disability. Labeling is epidemic in MD. If any parents are experiencing this do your research. Don't allow you child to be labeled so politicians can have a platform to brag on.

Anonymous said...

bell curve

Anonymous said...

Bennett ? lol.

Anonymous said...

Moved here from NJ a few years ago. My kids were nearly a full grade level ahead of their Maryland classmates.

Anonymous said...

what happened to Wicomico????

Anonymous said...

Guess where Education Weekly is headquartered...

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant statement from someone who claims their child is a full grade level ahead of their MD classmates. I would love to know how you came to this conclusion without access to other students academic records, or perhaps your child was placed in a below level grouping while awaiting transcripts from their former school. There are plenty of extremely intelligent students in this county, I know because I have taught them. If these schools are so inferior, in your opinion, I would hope that you immediately removed them and returned to New Jersey . As for the rest of you, be proud of our state, our students, and our teachers.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey schools are steps ahead of MD's 7:19.
NJ is
Leading the Country in Giving Children the Chance to Succeed

Leading the Country in School Achievement

Writing scores are the best in the nation

Reading scores are among the best in the nation/Math Scores Are Among the Nation's Best

Highest AP Scores in the Nation

High school graduation rate is #1 in the nation/New Jersey is #1 the nation in high graduation rates among African-American and Latino students

New Jersey has made big gains in reading in the state’s poorest districts

Leading the Nation in School Attendance