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Friday, August 10, 2012

Md. Reports Nearly 7 Percent Visitor Increase

More people are visiting Maryland.

State tourism officials reported a nearly 7 percent increase Thursday in the number of domestic travelers visiting the state in 2011.

The 34.4 million visitors included more leisure and business travelers on both day trips and overnight stays.



Anonymous said...

More people are visiting Maryland but they are not your average tourists. They are drivers of moving vans and the loading crews here to help people move to more business friendly states.

Daddio said...

Or they are returning to "visit" their friends and family they left behind after moving away.

Sounds about right.

Willing to visit, but don't want to live here anymore...

Anonymous said...

And job creation is over the top and unemployment is 8.3%. Well, 24% and lost jobs outnumber created jobs, and that visitor thing is really moving van traffic hired by our milliomaires to get the h3ll out! Other than that, we're rolling in it*!