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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama Campaign Says Political Donation Is The Perfect Wedding Gift

Skip the china, go for the donations. That's a suggestion made by President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. The campaign has started an "Obama event registry" to let engaged supporters of the president ask friends and family for donations to his re-election bid instead of presents.

A blog post asks anyone with an upcoming birthday, wedding, or anniversary to "support the President on your big day" by asking for donation money "in lieu of a gift."

The site provides suggested language for couples to use when soliciting campaign cash. "For my big day, I'd like to show my support for a cause I believe in - re-electing President Obama," it reads. "That's why I'm asking my friends and family to donate to the Obama campaign. Thanks for chipping in!"

See the registry here: .



Anonymous said...

Id pay to have him removed from Country... And History books

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. This just shows how desperate he is.

Anonymous said...

if a friend/ family member came to my wedding and gave me a card that said, "In lieu of a gift i made a donation in your name to obama's re-election fund.", i'd punch them in the head. HARD!

lmclain said...

A total, unmitigated, shameless, and sniveling attempt to insert themselves into aceremony and act that has NOTHING to do with their political dreams. Who thinks these things up? And what bimbo says "Hell YEAH! THAT'S a GREAT idea!!" If one of my kids gets married and someone donates to obama instead of giving them a gift, I will personally point that idiot out and whip their ace in front of the entire congregation. This ain't Hollywood, baby. I'm with ya, 2:40.